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Boneyard Angels

Band Members:

Tim Dulaine guitars, keyboards, lead vocals; Arnie Baddelead guitar, vocals; Dane Bramage: bass guitar, vocals; Brian Meegan drums and percussion


Robert Margouleff, Tim Dulaine


Karat Faye, Byron Reinhardt

Executive Producer:

John Govro (El Paso Sound Stage)

Recording Studios:

El Paso Sound Stage, El Paso, TX; Indigo Studios, Los Angeles, CA; The Sound Castle, Los Angeles, CA; Baby'O Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Release Details:

Originally relased in 1983. Digitally re-mastered in 2008 at Encore Studios Nacogdoches, TX. In Association with Dulaine Productions


Paul Noyola

Front Cover
Paul Noyola
Inner Left Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Inner Right Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Back Cover
Paul Noyola