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Pure Buckwheat Honey

Band Members:

Timothy Harrison Dulaine: lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals; Charlie Bell: lead vocals, bass guitar, backing vocals; John Govro: lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals; Danny Casey: drums, percussion, and backing vocals


Robert Margouleff, Tim Dulaine


Arranged and conducted by John Corigliano

Production co-coordinator:

Fran White


Johnny Post & Pat Jaques

Re-mix Engineer:

Pat Jaques

Recording Studios:

Broadway Recording Studios, New York City, New York

Release Details:

Originally relased in 1968. Digitally re-mastered in 2008 at Encore Studios Nacogdoches, TX. In Association with Dulaine Productions

Cover Photo:

Glenn Pitts

Art Director:

Acy R. Lehman

Prepared by:

Silver & Morris

Additional Artwork:

Paul Noyola

Front Cover
Paul Noyola
Inner Left Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Inner Right Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Back Cover
Paul Noyola