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Stray Dog

While You're Down There

Band Members:

Snuffy Walden: lead guitar and vocals; Timmy Dulaine: electric & acoustic guitar, lead vocals; Alan Roberts: bass & vocals; Leslie Sampson: drums & percussion; Luis Cabaza: keyboards & vocals


Austin Godsey and Stray Dog

Executive Producer:

Richard Kimball

Recording Studios:

Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed by:

Gary Olazabal, Austin Godsey, Stray Dog

Recording Assistants:

Mike Bronstein, Don Wood, Bob Merritt


Kendon Recorders, Los Angeles, CA

Equipment & Live Sound:

Richard Shaw

Release Details:

Originally released in 1981. Digitally re-mastered in 2008 at Encore Studios Nacogdoches, TX. In Association with Dulaine Productions. Special thanks to Dana at Encore Studios.


Neal Preston


Don Bloom


Paul Tanck / Douglas Boyd Design

Additional Artwork:

Paul Noyola

Front Cover
Paul Noyola
Inner Left Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Inner Right Sleeve
Paul Noyola
Back Cover
Paul Noyola